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Sioux Falls Scientists
Billboards for 2015

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Sioux Falls Scientists Billboards that ran from July 6th, 2015 through August 16th, 2015 on West 12th St, Minnesota Ave, and South Cliff at 10th St.

Evolution Billboard: Darwin Was Right! Evolution Is A Fact! Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Earth Only 6,000 Years Old are All Total Nonsense!

Global Warming Billboard: Global Warming Is A Fact! Climate Change Is A Fact! Burning Fossil Fuels is the Major Cause of Global Warming!

Scientists Billboard: Vaccinations Do Not Cause Autism! They Save Millions! Diseases are Spread by Children and Adults Not Vaccinated! Don’t be a Carrier of Disease!

Scientists Billboard: Science and Reason Are Essential to Your Well Being! All Health Care and Medical Technology Comes From Them!

Scientists Billboard: The Moon Landing Really Happened! But Alien Visits Never Happened! The Pyramids Were Designed by Egyptian Engineers and Built by the Egyptian People!

Scientists Billboard: Science is the Source of All Cars, Trains, Planes, Rockets, Satellites, Computers, TVs, CDs, DVDs, Phones, the Internet and All Electrical Power!

Old Static Billboard from 2014
Scientists Billboard: Sioux Falls Scientists Static Billboard

Old Digital Billboard from 2014
Scientists Billboard: Sioux Falls Scientists Electronic Billboard

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Sioux Falls Scientists
Billboards for 2015