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History of Science Courses
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Scientists

Sioux Falls Scientists recommends the following courses that describe the history of Science. Starting with what scientists know and how they know it, to the joys of Science, to Biology - the Science of life, two detailed courses on Physics (the fundamental science), Gravity, physics of the universe and the physics of history, followed by the great ideas of classical physics and great scientific ideas that changed the world. You can buy 324 lectures by leading science instructors and educators, 162 hours of university level learning.

The courses are all available from TheGreatCourses.com. They can be expensive but they are often on sale for 30% of the regular listed price. The course links on the following pages point to the course location at The Great Courses.

The Sioux Falls Scientists recommends the History of Science courses as described on the following 7 pages:

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Endorsed by Sioux Falls Scientists