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Global Warming Is A Fact! Climate Change Is A Fact!
Burning Fossil Fuels Is The Major Cause Of Global Warming!

Sioux Falls Scientists have collected over 900 Global Warming Science related news articles over the past 12 years that track the further understanding of global warming during that time, 340 in 2015 year alone. The global warming deniers have nothing to even remotely match this.The mountain of evidence for global warming and climate change is overwhelming. Never has a worldwide phenomena amassed such a mountain of evidence. The global warming deniers have dwindled during that time, many having switched sides. Recently industrialists hired the top ten global warming deniers to show that global warming was not happening. At the end of the study the deniers came up with the same global warming trends and charts that the rest of climate change scientists had come with. All but one of the ten deniers switched sides and now supports global warming. Well at least there is still one with his head stuck in sand. This finding made little difference to the industrialists. They went back pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and counting their Billions. Why should we expect anything else?

Sioux Falls Scientists doesn't equivocate. Global Warming is a fact, not a theory! There are few if any reputable climate scientists published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that do not support global warming. Sure there are still a few working for the oil industry, but they've joined the dinosaurs in the tobacco industry still trying to claim nicotine is not addictive.

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Global Warming News Articles