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Microwave Earth by Megan Godtland

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Global Warming Courses
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Scientists

Sioux Falls Scientists recommend the following courses that describe global warming and climate change.

Earth's Changing Climate gets right to the point. Global Warming is real and humans are responsible for it. Scientists were saying this back in the early 2000s but it seems no one wanted to listen. Unfortunately, many still don't.

If you want to know how the ecology works, the second course is for you. Earth at the Crossroads goes into the nuts and bolts of how the climate and the ecology interact with each other. You'll see how energy flows between various earth systems, both physical systems and living ones. It's one big integrated system and we mess with it at our peril unless we fully understand it.

The courses are all available from TheGreatCourses.com . They can be expensive but they are often on sale for 30% off the regular listed price. The course links on the following pages point to the course location at The Great Courses.

The courses recommended by Sioux Falls Scientists about global warming and climate change are described on the following 3 pages. Also included are 2 links to TheOnlyGreenList website.

Links to TheOnlyGreenList website

Global Warming Courses
Endorsed by Sioux Falls Scientists