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Sioux Falls Scientists
Global Warming Billboards for 2019

Below are the global warming billboards
that will be going up July thru November.

Below are the 4 billboards.

Global Warming News: Hundreds of temperature records broken over the summer! Almost 400 all-time high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere over the summer! Global warming deniers choked!

Over 37 Billion Tons of CO2 Added To Earth's Atmosphere in 2018 by Humans. So Far We've Done Little to Reduce Our CO2 Emissions. So Far It's All Been Just Talk!

Global Warming Is Really Here! Floods, Crop Failures, Wildfire, Heat Waves, and Violent Weather! We've Added Too Much Heat Energy To The Atmosphere And Now We've Got To Pay For It!

More Floods, Crop Disasters, Heat Waves, Wildfires and Violent Weather. The Global Warming Deniers Have No Place Left To Hide!

Sioux Falls Scientists
Global Warming Billboards for 2019