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Sioux Falls Scientists have collected over 900 Evolution Science related news articles over the past 16 years that track our understanding of the power of evolution. 276 evolution science news articles in 2015 alone. The creationists have nothing to refute even a fraction of this. Evolution never stops. "Anything that can be genetically encoded in a creature's genes that improves that creature's odds of surviving and breeding will be encoded." (Hemming's Law) And that means Anything! Physical Senses, Behavior, Emotions, Intelligence, Ethics, Quantum Mechanical Phenomena, it doesn't matter what it is, if it helps a creature survive and breed, and it can be genetically encoded, it will be.

But evolution balances what it encodes. Is having a bigger brain better than having strong physical senses? Humans have bigger brains but our eyes, ears, and nose are second rate at best. A dog is smart, but no match for human intelligence, but its ears and nose leave those human abilities in the dust. Evolution drives towards the best solution for the creature involved. Dogs are more likely to survive and breed with better hearing and a better sense of smell than with a bigger brain so that's where evolution takes them. Humans were better off with bigger brains than better ears and better noses so that's where evolution took us.

Can we have it all? Not likely. Dolphins have bigger brains than us, but everything indicates that much of that brain power is used to process the signals from it's superb sense of echolocation. We humans have no idea what this sense is like. We have nothing remotely like it. When a dolphin "sees" a tennis ball 100 yards away in murky water with echolocation what does it "see" in its "minds eye"? When it "sees" a fish, or when it "sees" a school of fish? We really haven't the foggiest idea what it sees, only that it must match reality well enough that it gives the dolphins a survival and breeding advantage.

Human Beings have the most powerful tool ever evolved, the human brain. But having all that mental power left little room for anything else. One last thing. Evolution is a fact, not a theory! Sioux Falls Scientists have no time to argue this point with dark age religious extremists. Most religious leaders support evolution without any reservations. And that ranting evangelist on TV or at a local church is not a religious leader. He's a "hide your wallet" preacher con-artist, nothing more, nothing less, and you're his prey.

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Evolution Science News Articles