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Sioux Falls Scientists endorse An Inconvenient Sequel for showing that
the problem of global warming is still here, only now it's worse!

An Inconvenient Sequel
Truth to Power

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (2017) - 97 minutes
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Climate Changes. Truth Does Not.

Ten years after the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth brought climate change to the forefront of mainstream culture, former Vice President Al Gore continues his tireless fight to educate the next generation of climate champions. Eye-opening and alarming, this compelling follow-up shows that while the stakes have never been higher, the solutions to the climate crisis are still within our reach.

Special Feature: Truth in Ten - The Facts About Climate Change

10 Ways to Act

  1. Speak truth to power: Support climate solutions at town hall meetings or other open forums with elected leaders. Support and vote for elected officials who will act on climate; work to defeat those who won't.
  2. Become a Climate Reality Leader: Join the more than 12,000 members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Learn more at www.climaterealityproject.org
  3. Talk about climate change: Truth in 10, the 10-minute version of the slideshow made famous by An Inconvenient Truth is a great conversation-starter, included as a bonus feature.
  4. Write about climate: Write a letter to the editor, opinion piece or post on social media about the urgency of the climate crisis and climate solutions.
  5. Switch your community to renewables: Tell your mayor you want 100% clean energy for your town or city.
  6. Make your business more sustainable: Your business can save money while it saves the planet.
  7. Run for office: There are more than half a million opportunities to run for office and make a difference at the local, district, county, state and national level in the U.S.
  8. Walk the walk at home: Purchase energy efficient appliances and consider switching to solar or getting your utility to offer 100% renewable options.
  9. Eat with the planet in mind: Eating less meat, choosing local foods and buying organic helps reduce your environmental impact.
  10. Vote with your dollars: Invest in or buy from companies with responsible environmental policies.

An Inconvenient Sequel
Truth to Power

Sioux Falls Scientists endorse An Inconvenient Sequel for showing that
the problem of global warming is still here, only now it's worse!